InvoiceOcean Terms of Service

These Terms of Service contain rules that are equal for all InvoiceOcean Users, represented by Fakturownia Ltd, located in Warsaw, Poland. Its acceptance and abidance is necessary in order to use the Service and its other domains.


§1. Definitions

Whenever the Terms of Service mention terms indicated below, they shall have the following meaning:

1. Terms of Service - This document setting out the terms of InvoiceOcean and the use of Service offered in its range of functionality.

2. Service Operator - InvoiceOcean system owner - Fakturownia Ltd, 00-389 Warsaw, 6/8 Smulikowskiego Street, entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under number 0000572426, Tax ID PL5213704420.

3. InvoiceOcean/Service - Software available under web address, enabling the use of Service.

4. Service - taking advantage of the opportunities available through the InvoiceOcean Service.

5. User - subject with at least limited capacity to perform acts in law, consisting Order specifying the terms of the Agreement, pursuant to which the parties shall be obliged to benefits under the Agreement.

6. Agreement - Agreement on the provision of Services on a continuous basis, accounted cyclically in recurring billing periods.

7. Subscription - fee paid by the User for the provision of Services in a given period.

8. Settlement Period - the period of one year or other period of accounting Services in the Subscription mode.

9. Pricing - current Pricing, containing a list of remaining Services and their prices, found in


§2. General principles

2.1. The Terms of Service define the conditions of use of the Service, the rights and obligations of Users and the rights and obligations of the Service Provider.

2.2. The User of the Service declares Terms of Service awareness, full understanding, acceptance and an Agreement to comply.

§3. Conclusion of contract

3.1 Free User Account

In order to conclude Contracts for individual Services, it is necessary to set up an individual User account. Account management is free of charge. By setting up a User account, User agrees to accept the Terms of Service. User is also obliged to provide data which will allow communication with the Service (correct email address).

3.2. Conclusion of Services

In order to conclude the Agreement, regarding a specific Service offered by the Service Operator, User selects a Subscription plan, which can be found on the Service website and whether they wish to issue a VAT invoice for the Services provided. The User is obliged to provide data necessary for the invoice, including VAT. Foreign Users with a EU VATIN must update their profile to include this information.

3.3. Paid User Account

3.3.1. If the paid option is chosen, User is obliged to pay for the Services in the amount indicated in Pricing via Internet Bank Transfer, PayPal or Braintree.

3.3.2. The contract is concluded when the Service Operator receives confirmation that the User has paid for the Service. User receives automatic email notification regarding account activation and Subscription period. In case of payment by card, termination of contract is possible within 14 days before the end of the paid Subscription period, otherwise the Subscription is automatically extended for another Subscription period.

3.3.3. After the expiry of the Subscription period, the Service sends an automatic message regarding the need to make another payment.


§4. Payments

4.1. VAT invoice is issued upon payment by the User with an indication of the data specified by the User when setting up the account.

4.2.Delivery of invoice to the account owner’s email address is considered successful if the User’s mail server has accepted the email message containing the invoice.

4.3. Costs regarding the Service payment are held by the User.

4.4. The payment date is considered to be the date when the Service Operator receives payment.

4.5. Removing the phrase ‘Generated in’ from the invoice footer is priced at 20% of the value of the User’s current subscription plan. Otherwise the footer is treated as an integral part of the system.


§5. General User and Service Provider obligations

5.1. InvoiceOcean Service is available to subscribers 24 hours a day. Operator reserves the right to short breaks resulting from the periodic maintenance of the system or due to random events.

5.2. The Service Operator agrees to promptly repair any Troubleshooting that prevents access to the Website or impede access to Services. If reporters problems are not fixed within a period of 7 days or longer, the User can terminate the contract an immediate effect.

5.3. By using the Service, the User agrees to receive invoices electronically, as per article 106n, paragraph 1, of the Trades and Services Tax Act of March 11, 2004.

5.4. The Service operator enables its Users to send electronic invoices. The Users confirm that they have obtained consent from their customers to send them electronic invoices, as per article 106n, paragraph 1, of the Trades and Services Tax Act of March 11, 2004.

5.5. The User undertakes to use the Service in a way that does not undermine the rights of third parties (personal rights, copyright), good customs or laws.

5.6. The Service Operator confirms that the User owns the entire content entered via InvoiceOcean.

5.7. The Service Operator shall not be liable for damage resulting from:

5.7.1. Interference in the operation of the Website or its unavailability caused by circumstances beyond the Service Operator, or events that have occurred as a result of which the Service Operator was unable to prevent; in the malfunction of the system independent of the Service Operator such as telecommunications network;

5.7.2. Account access by unauthorized persons;

5.7.3. Failure to comply with these Terms of Service;

5.7.4. Risks associated with the use of the Web including: hacking the system, infecting the system with viruses.


§6. Personal Information

6.1. The Service Operator is the administrator of personal information given by the User at the time of signing up. The User declares that they have been informed of the purpose and scope of personal information processing by the Service Operator, the right to access and correction of personal information, entitlements of the processing of data and to object to the processing of data, under Articles. 32 of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (unified text.: Dz.U.2002, No. 101, item. 926, as amended).

6.2. By sending personal information, User entrust the Service Provider with its processing. The Service Provider provides all security measures required by the law to store User’s personal information. Service Operator is not responsible for the unlawful storage of data submitted to the Service by the User.

6.3. By registering, User agrees to the processing of data collected for statistical and marketing purposes. The Service Provider will send occasional emails with information regarding the system and other solutions, however, User may unsubscribe from such messages anytime.


§7. Technical Requirements

In order to ensure proper operation of Service, User needs to install the IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari Web browser with the recommendation that they are the latest stable versions of these browsers.


§8. Complaints Procedure

Complaints concerning the operation of the Service can be sent by e-mail:, or by writing to: Fakturownia Ltd, 6/8 Smulikowskiego Street, 00-389, Warsaw, Poland. Complaint investigation time is 14 days.


§9. Refund Policy

All users are entitled to a full refund within 15 days after plan purchase. 


§10. Privacy Policy

10.1. Privacy Policy applies to all website visitors. The Service Provider, reserves the right to make any changes to the published privacy policy.

10.2. Within the Services, Service Operator can collect and process data necessary to provide its Services related to the nature of their activities resulting from the application’s available features. InvoiceOcean uses cookies, which allow User identification to thereby enable and facilitate the use of application. The User may modify web browser settings and prevent the saving of cookies at anytime. InvoiceOcean ensures that saving the User’s cookies does not cause any changes in computer or software configuration.

10.3. InvoiceOcean declares that the visitor information is collected only for own needs and sharing of such information to third parties is only possible if:

10.3.1. It is required by the law;

10.3.2. In order to provide Services, however only after obtaining consent from the User.

10.3.3. Service Operator reserves the right to compile statistics characterizing the population of InvoiceOcean Users or other Service visitors, in order to use the data for cooperating with potential clients or partners of the company.


§11. Online Dispute Resolution

Consumers are entitled to seek non-judicial conflict resolution. Consumers can submit complaints and seek redress in matters related to consumer agreements through an online platform. The EU ODR platform is available at Our email address is


§12. Final Provisions

12.1. Matters not addressed in this Agreement shall be subject to relevant provisions of the Law.

12.2. Any dispute Parties undertake to resolve amicably.

12.3. Terms of Service with current amendments can be found in

12.4. Users will be notified about any Terms of Service and Pricing changes electronically, on an email address provided during registration.